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The Different Types of Bras: An Ultimate Guide - Leonisa

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We create high-tech products that guarantee durability and quality, responding to the need for ethical, sustainable production. Our garments, and the majority of our materials, are proudly made in-house, in the Americas.

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Leo PowerSlim

Our signature lightweight compression fabric, made of high-quality fibers that are produced using our strict manufacturing process. It’s extremely soft and comfortable.

Don’t let the ultra-light feel deceive you - this trademark high-tech fabric is effective at shaping and durable enough to wear all day, every day.

This fabric is also extra breathable and prevents the formation of bacteria to stay fresh and odor-free.

Leo PowerSlim


Is a powerful, stretchy, breathable fabric with multidirectional sculpting strength through its hexagonal weave.

Fits perfectly to your body with inherent sculpting properties that shape and support like no other.

The hexagonal weave of the fabric allows for greater circulation of air from the body, so even if you sweat a lot during the day, items made with PowerSlim® stay fresh by removing moisture.

Leo PowerSlim

Stretch Cotton


Take your cotton to the next level in cool cotton with added stretch for a perfect fit and complete comfort.

Our stretch cotton gives you a fresh feel and keeps you cool.

We have even applied this technology to multiple shapewear items for when you’re looking for an undershirt that gives you more.



Engineered a feather-light feel, FitTech is our extra breathable woven fabric. This porous material is specially designed to be so airy, you don’t even feel like you’re wearing anything.

FitTech is perfect for low-impact activities, such as sports and exercise, and also for daily comfort. We’ve put it to the test and proven that this fabric looks and feels the same after 200 washes. It’s designed for maximum stretch to give you complete freedom of motion.

Leo Comfort Tech


Leo Fit Tech

Our signature microfiber, developed for built-in stretch, a soft feel, and a comfortable fit. This stretchy material adapts to your body, allowing you to move freely.

ComfortTech is perfect for high-impact sports and was designed for maximum durability. Depend on ComfortTech to deliver a comfortable feel and to pass any test you put it through.

Leo Fit Tech
The Different Types of Bras: An Ultimate Guide - Leo

Our Textile Laboratory

We have a textile quality laboratory where we carry out all kinds of national and international standardized tests, which allows us to create garments to satisfy our clients’ high standards not only in design, but in quality and functionality as well.

The Different Types of Bras: An Ultimate Guide - Leonisa

Being vertically integrated means that we create our garments starting from the threads, allowing us to ensure the highest quality. This integration (preparation, weaving, finishing, bonding, cutting, manufacturing, distribution centers) allows us complete control from start to finish.

We invest in cutting-edge technology: the latest warping machines, dyeing machines, cutters, looms, and top-quality supplies.

The Different Types of Bras: An Ultimate Guide - Leonisa