How to Get a Flat Stomach for Men: 3 Tips



Men come in all shapes and sizes. Some guys have broad shoulders, some guys have hips, some are rectangular, some are round, and some have a combination of the above. The “ideal body type for men” changes with every generation, as well as within every community, so - and we know this is easier said than done - try not to worry about fitting “the standard”. What’s important is that you’re healthy and taking care of yourself.

The media, including social media, makes it difficult to determine what’s real and what isn’t. That’s why we advise you not to compare yourself to the guys with “perfect bodies” you see on your feeds. What you’re looking at may be a photo taken from a strategic angle, an edited image, or some other sort of illusion. As an extreme example, bodybuilders intentionally dehydrate themselves before getting onto the stage. This age-old method ensures they won’t have an ounce of “water weight”, and it also sets an unhealthy and unrealistic standard of attractiveness. Although not everyone on social media is intentionally dehydrating themselves for muscle tone, most people are only showing off photos from times they looked and felt their absolute best. When you’re constantly fed images of people showing off their peak physique, it may be hard to remember that they don’t look like that all the time, which can lead to feelings of disappointment with your own appearance.

The fact is, everyone has something they’re insecure about. Some guys think they’re too skinny or too fat, and even some guys who hit the gym and lift weights every day feel like they’re still not muscular enough. Also, many men wish they had a flatter stomach and more defined abs. If you relate to that struggle, you’re definitely not alone. While we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution to getting a flat stomach for men, we do have a few suggestions you can try.

1. A healthy diet

Don’t fall for fad diets or supplements that promise a flat stomach in x amount of days! Instead, most dieticians recommend maintaining a diet high in protein and vegetables and low in carbohydrates for healthy, sustainable results. If weight loss is your goal, adopting a low-carb diet may help you get there; if you want to bulk up, you may want to increase the protein. Just be sure to talk it over with your doctor before making a big dietary change.

You may also be surprised at how much of the roundness of your stomach is caused by bloat instead of fat. Drinking coffee, soda, seltzer, and beer may all lead to bloating, which can cause your stomach to look bigger. For a flatter stomach, try avoiding these beverages and sticking to water instead. You may end up feeling healthier and saving money, too, making water a win-win solution.

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2. Exercise

There are a lot of exercises you can do to target your abdominal muscles. Keep in mind that most guys tend to accumulate fat in the stomach, called visceral fat. If you’re consistently doing ab workouts and still don’t see results, it could be that your muscles are hiding behind that fat, which is why it’s important to pair diet and exercise together for visible results.

Even if getting washboard abs isn’t your goal, doing regular core workouts can help you in other ways. Having a strong core, which includes the abdominal muscles, can improve your posture, reduce back pain, and improve both your balance and your sports performance. So in other words, unless you have a physical condition that bars you from doing core exercises, we really believe everyone can benefit from starting some sort of ab workout routine.

One of the most effective ab strengthening workouts is the infamous plank. To do a plank, just get onto the floor with your elbows under your shoulders and your feet hip-width apart. Then, bend your elbows, resting your weight on your forearms and toes while holding your body in a straight line. It looks simple, and you can do it anywhere, but the longer you hold a plank, the more you’ll feel the work you’re doing.

Crunches are an effective ab workout, as well. To do a classic crunch, lie down on your back with your feet planted hip width apart on the floor. With your knees bent and your arms crossed against your chest, contract your abs and raise your upper body while exhaling. Hold, then inhale as you lower yourself back down. Do as many of these as you can in one session, taking a rest as needed. Over time, we’re sure you’ll see - and, most importantly, feel - a difference!

3. Shapewear for Men

Wearing a stomach shaper for men is the easiest way to get a flat stomach and a more defined look. It’s not a permanent solution: soon after you take off the shaper, your body will look the same as before. That being said, our shapewear is comfortable and durable enough to wear all day, every day. Shapewear may seem daunting, but Leo specializes in shaping foundation garments that are upgraded versions of everyday clothing items. For example:

Do you wear undershirts? Next time, try a shaper tank, an undershirt with built-in compression to flatten your stomach and define your chest. This stretch cotton piece looks like a regular undershirt and hides under clothes, plus the mesh cutouts along the straps keep you feeling cool all day long.

Do you wear boxer briefs? We also have a boxer brief with built-in shaping. The extra-high waistband has moderate compression to flatten your stomach, but the bottom fits like a regular boxer brief, making this the perfect way to upgrade your underwear.

Shapewear for men can make a noticeable difference in how you look and how you feel. The compression in our shapewear doesn’t just flatten your stomach - it can also help improve your posture, giving you a more confident air. Wearing shapewear makes your clothes fit better, which can also give you a boost of confidence.

As you can see, there are many tips to get a flat tummy for men. If that’s the look you want, give these simple tips a try and let us know how it goes! Making small lifestyle and wardrobe changes can make you feel better, both physically and mentally, and you may even end up feeling better about your appearance in the end.

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