Fitness Tips for Men Who Have No Time

For some guys, fitness is a lifestyle. But if you’re not a personal trainer, a fitness influencer, or a professional athlete, chances are, you have a hard time fitting fitness into your busy schedule. Most of us work 8-hour days, either at the office or at home, and that’s just the beginning. Many people have 2 or more jobs nowadays just to keep up with inflation. And the vast majority of us spend our working hours sitting down, either in the office or on the couch. We also spend a lot of time sitting down in the car: although the average American’s commute time is a mere 15-29 minutes, many people spend even more time on the road every day. And chances are, by the time you get home, the only thing you want to do is relax. We understand the struggle all too well.

At the same time, you probably know it’s important to stay active as often as possible. According to recent studies, getting about 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to have health benefits for most people, which is good news for folks who don’t have a lot of time. But if you have specific goals, like losing weight or improving your physical fitness, you may need to work out more than that to achieve your dreams.

So, the question is: What are some small steps that you, a busy professional, can take in order to improve your physical fitness? How can you stay fit without cutting into your side hustle, for example? Here are some fitness tips for busy people you can try.

Fitness Tips for Men Who Have No Time

Park further away from the building.

Grocery shopping can be a sport in and of itself, but the next time it’s time to buy your pantry staples, you can make the most of the trip by parking in the very back of the parking lot. This will force you to walk more than you would usually. Sure, it won’t add up to 10,000 steps or anything, but it’s better than nothing.

You can do this at the office, too. Even if you have a designated parking spot right in front of the building, you probably have options you haven’t even considered until now. Ask your boss or building owner if you’re allowed to park further away, or even in a different lot altogether. Those extra steps can boost your mood in the morning and encourage you to get a little more exercise than you would’ve otherwise.

Work out while you wait.

Even the busiest people will still have moments of down time here and there. Why not make the most of the wait? Add small pockets of exercise to your day by stretching or flexing your muscles while you’re waiting for a bus or waiting in line at the store. If you work from home, pace around your house while you wait for that important email or phone call. These small habits can add up over time and improve your overall fitness, plus they’ll keep you distracted from the monotony of waiting.

Take the stairs.

If you’re physically able to, and if your office or apartment building has both stairs and an elevator, consider taking the stairs the next time you need to go to a different level. The very action of walking up and down stairs has proven cardio benefits. Just climbing a set of stairs can increase the level of HDL cholesterol, the “good” kind, in your body. Plus, taking the stairs strengthens your legs.

Stand while you work.

The benefits of standing desks are numerous. Not only does standing burn slightly more calories than sitting, it can also make your spine feel better as long as you’re maintaining proper posture. Reducing your sitting time has proven health benefits, and switching to a standing desk is a super-easy way to do that. If you work from home, save up and switch to a standing desk. If you’re working from the office, ask your boss about switching to a standing desk. Make sure it’s an adjustable one so that you can create the perfect height to maintain good posture. Although standing is better for you than sitting, it won’t make as dramatic of a difference in your physical fitness as…

A treadmill desk.

Standing desks have their benefits, but treadmill desks are another way to get your workout in while you’re getting your work done. This is a standing desk that has a built-in treadmill so that you can walk in place while you’re working. Treadmill desks have the same benefits as working out on a treadmill and you may notice increased cardiovascular health, weight loss, and even a stronger core!

Whether you choose a standing desk or a treadmill desk, the principle is the same: if you’re spending 8 hours a day working, you might as well make the most of it.

Increase the intensity.

If you want to make the most of your precious workout time, you have 2 options: either increase the time you spend exercising, or increase the intensity of the exercises you’re doing. If you’re trying to squeeze a day’s worth of physical activity into 30 minutes, and you want to maximize the benefits, try upping the intensity of your workout. Instead of jogging, go for a sprint. If you have a stationary bike, try going as fast as you can for short bursts. Increase the intensity of your workout to the point where you’re sweating and your heart is pumping. This has proven benefits for your cardiovascular system and may even lead to weight loss, if that’s your goal.

Eat healthier fast food.

Cooking for yourself has proven health benefits because you know what you’re putting in your food and, therefore, you can make healthier choices. However, if you’re really on the go and don’t have the time to prep, cook, and clean up afterwards, you’re not alone. Pick your favorite restaurant and do a quick Google search for the healthiest items at that restaurant. Some fast food places have salads, grilled chicken, and other options that are the “lesser of two evils” in terms of healthiness. (Keep in mind that some fast food salads have more calories and fat than the fried entrees – always check the nutrition information if that’s something you’re concerned about!)

Start small.

If you’ve read this far, you now know that there are numerous ways to increase your physical fitness, even if you have little to no time in your day. You don’t have to implement all of these tips at once to reap the benefits. Just pick one to start with, then maybe add another one next week. Remember that it can take a while to change your habits. Set reminders in your phone if you have to.

Also keep in mind that, no matter which of these exercise tips for busy people you choose to adapt, the results you see won’t be instant. Go ahead and make an appointment for an annual check-up for next year. We’re sure your doctor will be delighted to see any positive change, no matter how small, in your physical health.

Have you tried these fitness tips for men on the go? Let us know how it went!

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