Do Men Wear Thongs?

When Sisqo came out with “Thong Song” in 2000, thongs exploded into a cultural phenomenon almost overnight. Many young women ran out to buy thongs because they were suddenly regarded as the sexiest silhouette of underwear. And although some women ended up finding thongs uncomfortable, a lot of them embraced this seamless style that goes invisible under clothes and doesn’t flatten the cheeks.

But, what about guys? Do guys wear thongs? Well, the short answer is: yes.

The real question is: why do men wear thongs? Well, underwear is a personal choice, and we all have our reasons to choose one style or another. Men who wear thongs tend to enjoy the complete freedom the style gives them. It’s the closest thing to wearing nothing, while you’re still wearing something. The minimal coverage of a thong appeals to guys who want to keep it cool without feeling too exposed, like by going commando. These cool-feeling underwear are perfect for hot days and, if you’ve never tried on a thong, maybe you should next summer.

Also, some guys feel more attractive and confident when they’re wearing thongs. It’s true that the contour of the thong hugs your body perfectly and offers a flattering fit. Also, many people like the look of a thong on a man, so that’s an added bonus if you find them comfortable. While some of us might feel uncomfortable and vulnerable in a thong, others of us find the minimal coverage and full freedom of movement to be empowering. The choice is yours, do what feels right!

Another reason a man might wear a thong is if he’s wearing tight pants, like many guys do. Whether you’re wearing leggings at the gym or tight jeans like a rockstar, you might want to choose underwear that won’t steal the spotlight. In other words, if you’re looking for underwear that disappears completely under tight trousers, thongs are the perfect choice.

While you’re here, maybe you’re wondering: what’s the difference between a thong and a jock strap? It’s all about the coverage. A thong has a supportive pouch in the front, wide sides, and covers absolutely none of the glutes – instead, a thin, triangular strip of fabric runs from the back of the waistband, down between the cheeks, and around the nether regions from below. A jock strap is similar in style, but don’t get them confused: jock straps have a supportive pouch in the front and wide strap sides, but it has straps in the back that sit under the cheeks for support, instead of the triangular center piece that a thong features. Basically, the front looks roughly the same, but the sides and the back are what makes the difference between a thong and a jock strap.

A mens g string is similar to a thong, but offers even less coverage, with a pouch in the front, thinner strings for the sides, and just a string between the glutes in the back. This style is perfect for someone who’s looking for even more minimal coverage and an even more truly invisible effect, but it is also more likely than a thong to cause a wedgie, because of the lack of coverage, so keep that in mind.

Although thongs for men have pros, they also have cons. Some guys feel exposed, uncomfortable, and vulnerable when wearing a thong because they’re used to the coverage offered by a boxer or brief. If you try a thong on and find it to be uncomfortable, that’s totally fine. You’re not alone!

Do Men Wear Thongs?

But, as they say, don’t knock it until you try it. The next time you’re considering your underwear, think beyond boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs. Guys wear thongs, jock straps, g strings, and other kinds of undergarment for men every day. The male thong is an underrated undergarment and, while it may not be the most popular, it does have die-hard fans all across the world.

When choosing which style of underwear for men to wear, the most important factor is how it makes you feel. If you rock briefs, boxer briefs, or boxers, that’s your choice. But if you’re thinking about switching to wearing thongs, this is your sign to give it a shot!

Leo doesn’t currently have any thongs for men available for sale, but if you’re looking for a style that feels like nothing, try a brief made of our FitTech fabric. This ultra-light, super-breathable material is specially designed to keep you fresh and comfortable. It has more coverage than a thong, but will give you the same airy feel and full freedom of motion!

Do Men Wear Thongs?


  • Kmack

    Have been wearing thongs, g-strings and bikini briefs for over 40 years. I wear them on beaches at pools all the time. I’m 63 now. Still like to rock them.

  • Terry

    I would have around 60 pair but I wear every day. I love wearing and happy to show off I mean if in showers and have no problem getting in front of people wearing. I love wearing and make me feel really nice and if do that that’s a great thing.

  • Andre

    Straight guy, thonging since I was 16 years old. Wife loves how they look on me, and even buys them for me. Great under gym shorts / tights.

  • Donnie

    Thongs, yes, I am a married straight man who has been wearing them for about 20 years now, wear bikini briefs to work during the week, but when I am not working or on the weekends, wear only thongs, love them , make me feel good about myself wearing them, wish more men would try them, you will never go back.

  • Jon

    I have been wearing male thongs on a daily basis for many years. I have thought on occasions that I’m the only male buying them!
    It’s really great that we all promote and try to encourage other males to break away from the boring styles you see everywhere.
    When trying thongs for the first time it’s important to get the size right and the cut, you may have to try 2-3 brands to find what’s comfortable for you. I find wearing them slightly snug rather than too big is perfect for me. Once you do this you won’t go back. I also wear beach thongs (sun strings) this is a fantastic experience once you get used to it. A good place to get used to this is perhaps on a quieter beach or even clothing optional beach. This will help you build confidence.
    I wear them in Spain/Portugal etc, on busy beaches without any issues. I just wish there were more men like me! In the meantime let’s keep promoting men’s thongs. Cheers.

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